• TEKCamp 2021 has been CANCELLED - Click for MORE INFO
  • TEKCamp 2021 has been CANCELLED - Click for MORE INFO

Make sure you're there!

Everyone likes flexibility which is why we offer three booking options for TEKCamp - a no-nonsense two-day package for the tech-curious, a no-compromise three-day package for the tech-keen and a full-on four-day package for the tech-committed who want to squeeze every last drop of value from their TEKCamp experience...

All our TEKCamp packages offer great value for money and include either two, three or four days of great training, access to our exciting line up of fascinating tech presentations, free overnight camping - just bring a tent - and a tasty BBQ at the end of each day you attend PLUS a very special TEKCamp t-shirt designed exclusively for us by Fourth Element. Don't miss out - book your space at TEKCamp now!

Do you have what it takes to attend?

You don't need any prior exposure to technical training to attend TEKCamp but we do ask that you have a minimum level of training under your belt. It's also important that your gear complies with some basic kit requirements. Are you ready to attend TEKCamp? Find out below...

    In order to attend TEKCamp, you must be trained to a minimum of Rescue Diver (or equivalent experience) level and you must hold a nitrox diver certification. If you do not yet meet these requirements, Vobster Quay can provide suitable training before the event.
    In order to comply with UK Health & Safety regulations, any equipment that you intend to use at TEKCamp must be CE-APPROVED and must not be modified beyond its standard configuration. In addition, all diving cylinders must be both IN TEST and O2 CLEAN. If you need to hire equipment, it must be reserved in advance in order to guarantee availability. If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your equipment or to reserve hire equipment, contact us.
    Want to make the jump to technical diving but don't own your own gear? Thanks to Apeks UK, you don't need to - Apeks will loan you a full set of twinset or sidemount gear to use throughout TEKCamp week FREE OF CHARGE! All you need to bring is your drysuit, fins and mask and we'll sort out the rest. We only have a limited supply of loan equipment so please let us know if you want to take advantage of this.

Making TEKCamp accessible to all
We pride ourselves on making TEKCamp as accessible to everyone - regardless of your experience level, we can tailor your TEKCamp experience to you. This accessibility extends to our payment options too with two payment options on offer...

    Can't quite stretch to the full amount but don't want to miss out on all the fun? Why not secure your place by paying a deposit? All we ask is that you pay a £ deposit now and the remaining balance due no later than 12 weeks before the first day of TEKCamp . Naturally we'll give you plenty of notice of when this final balance payment is due so you can plan ahead.
    As it says on the tin - you can choose to pay the full balance and that's it. Once your payment has been processed, you're all done - your space at TEKCamp is secured. You also get the peace of mind of knowing that you're all paid up with nothing left to pay for your ticket. Providing you meet the prerequisites, you can sit back and look forward to the fun!

IMPORTANT: Note that deposits are non-refundable and if you fail to pay the remaining twelve weeks before the first day of TEKCamp, your deposit and space will be forfeit. We advise all potential attendees to view our cancellation policy before you book.

Which TEKCamp ticket package is right for you?
Should you enjoy your TEKCamp experience so much that you'd like to stay on for extra days, we offer holders of the 2 and 3-day tickets the option of upgrading to higher level tickets at additional cost. This option is offered at the discretion of the organisers - the more advanced training delivered on days 3 and 4 may not be suitable for every attendee.

Tickets are extremely limited for this superb event that only runs once every two years - can you afford to miss it? We're positive that the most difficult decision will be which ticket you'd like to sign up for!

Below we've broken the ticket options down into a simple, easy-to-read table which will help you to make the choice that best suits you. All TEKCamp tickets include these standard benefits:

  • 2, 3 or 4 days of award-winning masterclass training
  • Access to some of the biggest names in tech training
  • Trydive on a state of the art closed circuit rebreather
  • Access to all talks for the duration of your ticket
  • Tasty BBQ each evening for the duration of your ticket
  • Access to camping field - just bring a tent!
  • Exclusive Fourth Element TEKCamp t-shirt
  • Goody bag packed with freebies!

Whatever package you choose, you can be sure of one thing - your diving will develop in leaps and bounds. You'll become a better, safer and more confident diver, gain a real sense of direction in your diving and, best of all, make a whole load of new friends - and dive buddies - along the way...

Your tech career starts here
Not sure whether technical diving is really for you? Our 2-day package is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into tech in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

Spanning the first two days of TEKCamp, you'll learn all about the equipment options - both twinset and sidemount - available to you and how best to configure them. You'll also learn foundational self-sufficiency skills, work on your buoyancy and trim, get to grips with controlled ascents and even try dive a closed circuit rebreather! You'll also get to attend all talks and presentations on the first two days and - of course - take home a very special Fourth Element TEKCamp t-shirt!

Don't own your own tech gear? Not a problem - thanks to the good folk at Apeks UK, we've got a limited number of twinset and sidemount rigs available for those who need them at no extra cost.

Develop your tech diving
Existing single deco cylinder tech divers - on open circuit or CCR - will find our 3-day package offers the perfect balance of value and great TEKCamp training.

Spanning the first three days of TEKCamp, shakedown dives to confirm foundational skills on the first day will lead to extending skills with multiple cylinder scenarios, rescue, line work, team diving, failure management, DPV & CCR trydives and other skills enabling progression to deeper dives or overhead objectives.

Based on your own unique needs and ability, we'll link you up with instructors who will help your diving grow towards challenging dives conducted responsibly. With a lower attendee:instructor ratio on the third day, you'll enjoy more time for your buck to focus on more complex scenarios. Access to the TEKCamp keynote presentation is included.

Get Maximum Benefit
Want to squeeze every last drop of value out of TEKCamp? Enjoy four days of high end mentoring under the expert guidance of the biggest names in UK technical training.

The first two days offer positively-critiqued shakedown dives on the full range of skills and failures, leading swiftly to inventive and rewarding scenarios designed to expand your skills and knowledge. Deco trapeze, complex cave navigation, blackout mask, cave survey, team rescue, safety diver support and more - skills to set you on the path to your own exploration objectives.

Our four day programme is tailored to the unique needs and objectives of each and every attendee. Building upon the first two days, days three and four offer bespoke training with the highest level of access to instructors, instructor trainers and training directors with extensive experience gained in high-end dive exploration.

Compare and select the ticket that suits you
Ticket Price
Days included
1 - 2 only
1 - 3 only
Diving Workshops included
Rebreather Try Dive
DPV Scooter Try Dive
Sidemount Try Dive
Access to talks & presentations
2 days
3 days
TEKCamp Keynote Presentation
Exclusive Fourth Element event t-shirt
Entrance to Vobster Quay
2 days
3 days
4 days
Camping near Vobster Quay
Tasty BBQ each day
Goody bag packed with freebies
Upto 10% discount on retail purchases